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Title I Parental Involvement Plan
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Monday, November 24, 2014
Children working together
Children working together

Springville Elementary
Title I
Parental Involvement Plan 

Springville Elementary strives for 100% parent involvement in the academic setting of the school. This belief is communicated and reinforced with parents throughout the year at events and PTA meetings. 

The Title I Parent Involvement Committee works very closely with the faculty, staff, parents, and community to promote parent involvement in the education of the students and to improve parenting skills and family relationships. A survey was administered to parents for input on topics of interest and preference of time for parent involvement workshops. Workshops/Parent Nights will be conducted by school staff as well as community professionals. 

When MAP, Standards of Learning, including the state writing assessments results are received at the school level, parents receive a special letter with an interpretational guide and an invitation to schedule a conference with their student’s teacher or administrator to review results. Due to delivery of SOL scores, often in our last two weeks of the school year, special contacts are made to schedule conferences with all parents of students who fail to meet expectations or who are considered at risk. 

Our school seeks to foster a positive and effective working relationship and partnership with parents. Communication is enhanced when all of us have a clear picture of basic expectations that support student learning. Classroom teachers provide a monthly newsletter to parents informing the parents of the academic activities and curriculum standards that will be taught in the coming weeks. The teachers also provide a parent resource center in the primary computer lab that includes parenting literature, academic games, activities that can be checked out by parents through the Title 1 department. 

We will provide a variety of activities to get parental involvement:

·         Title I Parent Involvement Committee
     o  Will consist of administrator, parent involvement coordinator, teachers and parents.

·         Parent Involvement Coordinator which is the Title 1 teacher to:
     o   Plan, initiate and oversee activities that will help increase parent involvement.
     o   Inform parents of workshops.
     o   Work closely with teachers, parents and administrator, to promote effective parent involvement activities.
     o   Assist parents in the utilization of the resources provided through our Parent Resource Center.

·         Parent Volunteers
    o   Parents volunteer when needed at Springville Elementary School (Field Day, classroom parties, Teacher Appreciation week, PTA activities events and activities)
    o   Homeroom Mother/Helpers for child’s class.

·         Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad Events

·         Parent Workshops (Elgin training for Springville substitutes)

·         Title I Curriculum

The goal is to prepare students and parents for continued academic success, provide activities to the parents that will identify the student’s individual needs and supply necessary interventions to ensure that the students learn to his/her potential.

·         SOL/MAP Testing

This workshop is structured to inform parents the purpose of the Standards of Learning/ Measure of Academic Progress Test, interpretation of scores, and the promotion requirements to the next grade.

  • Middle School Orientation

Springville Elementary will coordinate with Graham Middle and Tazewell Middle to ensure that 5th grade parents attend the orientation for middle school in the spring. This meeting will provide techniques for parents to assist their child through the transition period from elementary to middle school.  Parents will be provided techniques on effective study habits and test-taking tips, organization, scheduling, attendance policy and school policies.

Parents are invited to volunteer at the school through teacher contacts, class newsletters, school newsletters, and school website. All parents are also invited to attend meetings of the school council and PTA. Parent conferences are scheduled at the district level two times a year: beginning of the year conferences and second semester conferences. During these scheduled conferences, teachers, are encouraged to communicate with every parent about their child’s academic achievement and progress.

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